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SUV/Minivan Ceramic IR Sides & Back Tint

3M Films

SUV/Minivan Ceramic IR Sides & Back Tint
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SUV/Minivan Ceramic IR Sides & Back Tint

3M Films

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SUV/Minivan Ceramic IR Sides & Back Tint

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Product Description

The 3M Ceramic IR is a state of the art window tint!  The technology they use is pure ceramic to offer the best in maximum heat rejection.  No other window tint can compare.  Their film blocks 99.9% of UV Rays and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  The CERAMIC IR window tint is very popluar during the summer heat and is our most popular windshield tint.  Offering incredible heat rejection, great looks, quality and a lifetime warranty for those looking for the best!

CERAMIC IR is offered in different shades of darkness - 15%, 35%, 50%, 70%.  Not all shades are legal in all states.  When you come in for service on your vehicle, we will go over the shades and turn your SUV or Minivan from ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY.

*** Important Notes ***

- We only work on model year 2000 or newer vehicles.  Some limitations apply.

- If you have existing window tint, please call the store as there will be additional charges on the removal.  Most SUV's, Minivans and Pickup Trucks have an "in glass"  OEM tint, this doesn't require removal. 

 - Some vehicles require additional charges.  Please consult with one of our knowledgeable staff for further help.