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navProtect your vehicle from thieves, and find your way with security & navigation systems from Sound On Wheels. We’ve got the tools to protect your vehicle and stop you from getting lost.

Where do you live? If you answered Rock Hill, or Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC, or other surrounding areas, drive over to our shop. We’ll help outfit your vehicle with a quality security or navigation system in no time at all.

Protect Your Ride from Thieves with a Vehicle Security System

At our shop, we’ve got a variety of car security systems designed to protect your vehicle from people like this guy. Our systems range from entry level, mid-level, and advanced security systems. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it.

thiefOur security systems do more than you think. We have systems with a variety of features, such as:

  • Driver-side priority, allowing you to unlock just the driver door
  • Motion Sensors to ward off thieves
  • Trunk Opener
  • Locking/unlocking your vehicle from a far range
  • Vehicle arming/disarming to turn the alarm active or inactive
  • Lights that flash and a horn beep when the vehicle is locked
  • And many more!

Knowing that your vehicle is safer from thieves is worth all the comfort in the world. A security system adds another layer of protection.

Get There With Premium Navigation Systems

You might not think that you need a navigation system, but think again? Wouldn’t you love not having to look at a map, or to know precisely when and where to turn? Sound On Wheels stocks an array of navigation systems, from simple hand-held GPS systems, to enhancements like real-time traffic update receivers.

Navigation Benefits You in So Many Ways

Navigation systems offer a range of great features, like:

  • Mapping and Routing
  • Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Real-Time Traffic Updates

Navigation systems give you the most direct route somewhere, help you avoid traffic, and best of all, help prevent you from getting lost.

We’ve got nav systems from the best brands, for every budget. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it. Never get lost or wait in endless traffic again with custom navigation systems.